Our phone consultation will give you a better idea of what your cat is going through during the time it is missing. Having studied animal behavior I will be able to profile your cat, which can determine how your cat will react during the Silent Factor, how soon it may reach it's Threshold Factor, and explain how it's the natural instinct of cats to go into Survival Mode. A cat's normal behavior pattern plays a huge part in how your cat will behave while missing, helping us to determine what they do once displaced and our strategies to bring your cat home. Using neighborhood imaging we can go over the probable areas your cat may be, where/how you can conduct your search and the placement of Lost Cat posters. I will explain why most cats do not come home on their own, the best way to handle sightings, and humane trapping techniques. This should be the first and most important step you can take in bringing your cat home. A cat profile can last up to 2 hours, follow up emails/phone calls are included. 
Everett Animal Shelter, Snohomish Co.
PAWS Animal Shelter, Lynnwood
Seattle Humane Society, Bellevue
Seattle Animal Shelter, Seattle
King County Animal Control, Kent and Bellevue
Humane Society of Tacoma/Pierce Co., Tacoma
Adixs Bed and Bath, strays from Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace
Arlington Animal Shelter, Arlington Snohomish Co.

An intensive area search, with our Cat Detection dog Harley, starting from point last seen and covering the high probability area's determined during our phone consultation. Other than just searching for your lost cat, we will be looking for and evaluating all evidence found. We will be talking with your neighbors, searching properties and investigating all possible sightings. Harley may not find your cat, but valuable time will be save by eliminating the probable areas your cat may be. Helping to determine where to focus our efforts to bringing your pet home. The simple presence of us out there will make people more aware and can lead to future sightings. Please visit the "How We Work" page for a full description of how a Cat Detection works. Our search lasts 3 hours, if needed, follow up emails are included.


Many times, we will find fur/hair evidence. With just a "visual" examination, it is impossible to tell if the fur matches your pet or not.  A Forensic Scientist can compare hair/fur found to known samples from your pet to check for "consistency".  Meaning:   Is the fur/hair found a "forensic match."

In the event we discover bone or body parts complete DNA testing can be done. More expensive than the Forensic Fur matching, but if no fur is present it can provide you with closure. A known sample will be needed from your pet. Whiskers, claw sheathes and fur can be used for DNA tests.

Outside services offered; check for current pricing

Equipment Rental
fee based on availability and time limit
email Amy for details
Neighborhood search with cat detection dog
$ 250.00

Shelter Checks/twice a week/fee based on Shelter
email Amy for pricing
Profiling Session/Phone Consultation
$ 50.00
Puget Sound Area only. Extra fees may apply for out of area searches.
Donations will be used towards helping those who have lost a pet but are unable to afford services due to the current economical times. Proceeds from donations will toward Dachshund rescue, Seattle Pet Hunters or other charitable causes.

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